Pittsburgh Organization of 
Health Professional Students

Leadership team

Kelly Nicol, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Elizabeth Sever

Elizabeth Sever, Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

Lauren Lin

Lauren Lin, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Thomas N

Thomas Nguyen, LECOM College of Osteopathic Medicine

Dana Bacharach

Dana Bacharach, Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

Arnab Ray

Arnab Ray, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

     We're a coalition of medical students from Pittsburgh moved to help our colleagues on the clinical frontlines. We are from University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, LECOM, PCOM, Drexel School of Medicine, Temple School of Medicine, & Geisenger Commonwealth School of Medicine. From all of us, thank you for your interest in supporting healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Here are some of things we've accomplished so far!  

  • Teamed up with Harvard Medical School Students/Hikma Health to make a map of COVID data for over 1200 counties in the US - this data is currently being double-validated by epidemiologists at Emory and will soon be posted as the most rigorous county level open source dataset for statistical modeling

  • Raised funds & made holiday care packages for COVID ICU nurses at Allegheny General Hospital & UPMC hospitals

  • Assisted Allegheny County Medical Society  (ACMS) & the Health Department in vaccination drive for frontline physicians 

  • Made phone calls to solicit donations of PPE from Pittsburgh local businesses

  • Assisted the ACMS with PPE buying research by speaking directly with suppliers & coordinating with other medical student group COVID groups

  • Assisted ACMS/PPE Connect PGH with ethical framework for PPE request ranking, ranked requests from community physicians & first responders

  • Assisted PPE Connect with PPE donation pick-up & distribution 

  • Assisted PPE Connect and ACMS with social media efforts 

  • Facilitated monetary donations to ACMS COVID-Relief Fund totaling approximately $1600 

  • Assisted ACMS in N95 drive through mask fitting for local physician members, residents & medical students

  • Provided child care services for healthcare workers for UPMC

  • Coordinated food box pick-up for Allegheny Health Network

  • Shared clinically tested face shield designs with PPE connect & University of Pittsburgh 3D printing lab



Allegheny County Medical Society

Savannah Krouse

Kaitlyn Werley

Bertie Werley

Eileen Wrubel

Jillian Lindberg

Ryan Sexton

Maryanne Higbee

Alexis Arrigo

Linda Paranick

Kayla Boleratz

Katie Beisler

Khaled Abdel Aziz

Casey Weltner

Quintin Peacock

Alyx Mance

Jennifer Reilly

Emily McClaren

Jacob Sever

Alexandra Hart

Brittany West

Holly Mangan

Carole Sever

Noah Pillion-Garnder

Mary Ellen Tennity

Melinda McCorkle

Susan Nicol